1. Intro to Pulse & Smart Match

What is Pulse and Smart Match with Metrics? 

In a digital world, we know how founders can find themselves using tens or even hundreds of apps, platforms and systems to keep control of numerous aspects of their businesses.

Pulse allows Connectd members to securely integrate accounting and commerce platforms to obtain 30 verified integrated metrics, automatically calculated and ready to drag and drop onto your dashboards. Connecting your existing systems and software to Pulse takes literally a matter of minutes, and within the space of a few hours all your data will be verified and ready to use within your dashboard.

Smart Match with metrics allows investors to filter their searches across a number of metrics, returning results that highlight those startups who best satisfy their search criteria and investment thesis - to boost your chances of being discovered by investors, make sure to complete all of your vital metrics.

You should also bear in mind that investors will be able to see whether your data is verified or not, so integrating your metrics will have a huge effect on investor confidence in your figures.

Users can create focused dashboards through key metric search, highlighting specific areas such as KPIs, customer and financials; can drag and drop metrics to create data in a range of visuals and views, from graphs to charts and tables; and annotate dashboards with free text to provide context and detail to the data.

There is no limit to the number of metrics users can add, and access to the 35 existing manual metrics will be retained, alongside those available with new Pulse, allowing the flexibility to create the measures and metrics you need.

Why should I use it?

Adding as many metrics as you can will increase your discoverability, as investors will have more criteria through which they can match with you. In the highly-competitive early-stage space, time-poor investors are increasingly data-driven, assessing metrics and financial information to narrow the field to those companies who match their investment profile.

That’s not to say investors are all looking for the same thing, or that they will expect founders to have exceptional figures - angel investors are most concerned with having as much data as possible at an early stage.

Make sure to populate metrics as soon as you can, in as much detail as possible - and ensure you keep on top of updating your most recent metrics as you move through your fundraising journey.

We’ve created Pulse and Smart Match in response to the investor and VC community on the Connectd platform, who are actively looking to find startups against a variety of defined metrics. Investors on the platform will actively filter and search against their own defined set of metrics, so by providing as much data as you can, you’re more likely to match with investors and open up valuable conversations.

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