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Corporate Innovation

Leadership Through Entrepreneurship

The Leadership through Entrepreneurship product is a people-focused innovation strategy. With the rate of change in technology and innovation, having a people-driven innovation agenda and encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset is key to staying ahead of the curve. We believe that by giving employees the opportunity to learn from and work with startups, we can help them develop the skills and mindset they need to be innovators.

We collaborate with esteemed global organisations by strategically placing their senior leaders in advisory roles and their emerging talents in mentoring positions within our select high-growth startups. Participants in this programme gain invaluable exposure to the forefront of innovation and have the privilege of learning from some of the most accomplished minds in the field...



    At Connectd, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships to drive innovation and sustainability. Insights is designed to help large organisations stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape by connecting them with innovative startups that align with their sustainability and growth goals. We work closely with your organisation to gain a deep understanding of your innovation and sustainability objectives. Whether you're looking to reduce environmental impact, increase automation, or harness cutting-edge technologies, we tailor our approach to tackle your greatest challenges.

    Our team leverages industry expertise and a vast network to identify startups that are actively working on solutions in your areas of interest. We curate a selection of startups that align with your goals and facilitate meaningful partnerships. Our ultimate aim is to help you avoid disruption, enhance your competitive advantage and contribute positively to the planet.

    Sam Gray


    I focus on fostering innovation within established businesses by facilitating partnerships with high-growth startups that bring disruptive technologies and innovative business models to the table.

    Our goal is to enrich the offerings of established enterprises as well as streamlining your operations for improved efficiency, reducing the negative impacts you have on the environment and helping you stay ahead of curve.