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Our proud partnerships

Event Partners

Opportunity to attend Connectd x Goldman Sachs in-person learning sessions.

Connectd members enjoy the opportunity to present at Google live Events.

Portfolio Partners

AI Forge provide an intensive 12-week incubator programme in London and Miami designed to accelerate the creation of AI companies that solve real-world problems.

As part of the wider Barclays Banking Group, Eagle Labs provide a wealth of support to startup businesses, particularly those who are focused on technology and innovation.

Block Dojo provide early-stage tech startup founders with a network of contacts, access to investment funding rounds and a 12-week accelerator programme.

Digital Catapult brings together industry leaders, researchers and startups, accelerating digital technology adoption and shaping the future of products, services and experiences.

ISQ are crowdfunding specialists & equity investment consultancy. With over £45 million in funds raised & 95% success rate, they help business leaders plan, prepare, launch and run successful investment rounds.

Sparton Danzig helps startups to grow and secure investment, bringing together a unique mix of skills, business know-how, and experience that sets them apart from the competition.

StarterStudio has supported 300+ early-stage tech founders through their Accelerator Programs for idea, build, and pre-seed stages of tech entrepreneurship.

Startup Grind has a global community of 4 million startups in 600 cities and 125 countries worldwide. Giving startups the education, opportunities, and access they need to build, grow, and scale.

University Entrepreneurship Programs

Bath Entrepreneurs blend education, mentorship, capital and community, made possible by their network of dynamic entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to make student startups bigger and better.

The Exeter Entrepreneurs Society is home to the most intellectually curious, talented and successful students at Exeter University.

UCLe provides students frictionless access to a network of like-minded individuals and encourages them to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Why join our Partner Program

Connectd’s ecosystem hosts 5k+ founder, investor and advisor members, which we bring together to maximise growth opportunities within the early-stage. We've supported 1k+ investment rounds and helped countless founders build advisory boards, democratising access to capital and talent.

Investor Connections

We have a network of 1k+ pre-vetted and pre-qualified active investors, both individual and institutional, looking at equity-based opportunities.

Free Board Talent

All Connectd members gain access to our c-suite talent pool of advisors, as they look to immerse themselves into the startup ecosystem.

Portfolio Reporting

Our proprietary reporting system allows founders to create investor reports in minutes, saving typically 6-8 hours per month.


All Connectd members are invited to our monthly events that typically involve pitches from founder members or panel discussions with leaders in the community.

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