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The Connectd platform provides access to the latest deal flow and portfolio intelligence tools allowing you to manage, track and report on all of your investments.

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Real-time portfolio insights

Use consolidated progress reporting, centralise your workflow and track your investments.

deal flow

Smart matching technology ensures startups are matched based on your specific interests.


Track and measure startups' progress through 25 different metrics.

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Meet like-minded investors or create your own group.


Handpicked deals, live-feed news and exclusive events.


Share deal flow, discuss the latest topics & learn from experts.

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All investors on Connectd should be accredited investors.

You can see if you are eligible by moving onto the next step and filling out the three step registration form.

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Your application will be reviewed by Connectd - this can take up to 72 hours, but usually takes much faster. Our team will reach out to you if they have any questions.

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We’ll provide you with personalised deal flow based on your preferences. You can filter these down further by key metrics.

Once connected to startups, you can set up triggers against 25 different metrics

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Everything you need to invest in startups

Our full-suite of tools helps you find the right opportunities.

Laura Church

Investor Platform Lead

I work with angel investors, venture capital firms, syndicates and family offices to make the startup investment and analysis process simple and transparent.

Our data-driven approach offers portfolio intelligence tools and
smart-match technology to enable you to filter opportunities and keep an eye on real-time metrics and performance of your investments or potential investments.

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