How to build your Connectd Portfolio Professional profile

This guide covers all of the sections you will need to complete before publishing your Portfolio Professional profile on the Connectd platform. You can use the helpful tips within the Connectd Guidance along with the example copy to create a profile that will boost your chances of connecting with the right companies for your skills and aspirations.

Remember, until you activate your profile by publishing it to the platform, you won't be visible to, or be able to connect or message with founders.

About Me

Connectd Guidance: Use this section to summarise your career to date, core skill sets you’ve developed, the current size and shape of your portfolio career. Try to aim for approximately 100 words.


My career has spanned over 20 years, solidifying myself as a leader within the Advertising and Marketing space. My first big success was the early adoption of automation techniques that allowed my company to realise extreme cost savings across all advertising verticals, leading to acquisition of the company for $90 million. Following this success, I began my portfolio career and am currently a board advisor to two large scale corporates and a further three early-stage businesses. I’ve held three NED positions in the last 5 years, one of which I still hold and act as Chairman of the board.

What I bring to the table (CV Highlights)

Connectd Guidance: Your chance to summarise your value to founders in 75 words or less. This should crystallise your unique selling point and inform founders why they should speak with you. This is the part of your profile Founders focus on the most, be sure to make this pithy, clear and memorable.


I have an extensive network that my portfolio companies have benefited from. The majority of my network is focused in the advertising industry but has recently expanded into the investment space as well.

Beyond my network, I providing advice on expansion strategies, particularly into new English-speaking territories.

My experience as Chairman in a large corporation gives me the experience to help early-stage founders grow and establish their own boards which I am passionate about doing.

What I’m looking for (role types; company types; Industry, Compensation)

Connectd Guidance: Use this section to describe the types of portfolio roles you’re looking for and the types of companies you’re interested in working with. This can range from company size, funding stage, industries of interest or types of founder.


I’m looking for board advisor roles with early-stage companies who are in their pre-seed - seed funding stages or for a later stage company that has specific focus on entering a new territory. Given my experiences, I am eager to work with first-time founders to help guide them through the complexities of growing their boards.

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