Integrated Metrics FAQs

What are integrated metrics?

We automatically connect to your Accounting and Commerce systems to provide you with 35 metrics that refresh on a daily basis. A list of which metrics are available can be found here.

Why should I connect to integrated metrics?

  • Integrated metrics provides an automated, hassle free source for creating and showcasing your key metrics and data, as described here. 
  • As a founder, integrated metrics allows you to gain up-to-date and deep insights into your business’s performance,

What happens to my data?  

Your data is securely stored in our Data Warehouse. Connected will not share your data with anyone else.

Who can see my data?

All metrics are private by default, but you have the option to create custom reports and share with others by selecting Community or Connections.

To view your data, head to the Manage Data tab: this is only visible to you.

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