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Empowering founders, advisors and investors to make and manage meaningful connections

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Our aim is to revolutionize the early-stage ecosystem, democratizing access to funding and talent. At Connectd we pride ourselves on building technologies that foster connections to allow startups to grow, and people to succeed.

Whether presenting investors with the latest deal flow, advisors with relevant jobs, or founders with the platform they need to showcase their company in the best light, Connectd has the solutions.

Key facts


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Team members worldwide


Roei Samuel

Founder and CEO

Successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup mentor. Included in the BBC's Million By 30.


Claudia Stankler

Chief Operating Officer

Claudia is herself a successful founder and brings personal insight into the challenges and opportunities for startups.


Mark Stanton-Bennett

Chief Technology & Product Officer

25+ years building and delivering enterprise product and technology solutions within capital markets.


James Matthews

VP of Sales

Experienced sales and ops leader. He and his team have helped thousands of startups and advisors onto the platform.


Oliver Tarpey

VP of Marketing

Data-driven experienced marketer who manages all aspects of the Connectd marketing strategy.


Cat Stevenson

HR Lead & Executive Assistant

Cat has over 8 years of experience working in investment and private equity.


Where we work

Our operations now span five  countries and three continents.

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