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Moblox is a disruptive startup whose mission is to help small businesses to prosper by making core tech and communications services simpler, cheaper, more flexible, and more sustainable. Moblox provides content, guidance, and access to empower owner-led businesses to understand the options available to them.

The UK economy relies on entrepreneurship, innovation and access to the capital required to start and build businesses.

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Piers Linney

Moblox champions founder-led businesses maximising tech and business tools. What steps should startups take to make sure they are digitally healthy?

Startups have limited resources and the team should be focused on activities that add the most value while reducing operational friction as much as possible. Automation, communications, effective personnel and project management and data collection and analysis are key to success and there has been an explosion in the range of software and digital tools available to startups. It is important that founders understand their options so that they can make better-informed purchasing decisions.

How have you found the platform and the investors you’ve found through it?

I have experience of a range of crowdfunding and angel networks, but Connectd is going one step further by leveraging technology and providing other services to connect founders with expertise as well as capital. The investors in Moblox have been keen to provide support and access to their own networks, as well as funding.

How much did you raise through Connectd?

Moblox has secured just over a £100,000 to date during the few weeks I have used Connectd as part of the fundraising process.

There is still space available to invest in the round so check out our page on the platform if you want to learn more about Moblox!

Do you think having started out as a founder has made you a ‘better’ investor?

I have always been both, but unless you have tried to start and build a business from scratch it is difficult to understand the process and the challenge that founders face. Experience as a founder does help you understand execution risk, but it also equips you with more empathy.


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