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Beyond Blood Diagnostics is dedicated to empowering chronically ill patients through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies. Their mission is to advance health monitoring for individuals with chronic conditions, enabling convenient and effective monitoring from the comfort of their homes.

Broad, international and opportunity are the three things that really bring Connectd together.

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What is Beyond Blood Diagnostics?

My name is Manfredi. I'm the founder and CEO of Beyond Blood Diagnostics. We are a deep-tech company spin out of Imperial College and we're working on a medical device to help cancer patients monitor their health from home instead of doing it at the hospital.

Why did you join Connectd?

So I joined Connectd because I was approached by one of the sales team at Connectd and at first I was quite sceptical because lots of people approached me and say that they will introduce me to investors and advisors. So I was impressed because I asked the sales rep to give me names of founders in my space that have raised money through Connectd. And they actually did that. Which is very rare. They gave me a list of names of founders. I actually called and asked, "What's your experience with Connectd?" And they had a good experience. They said they raised some money. So I signed up, and following that I have managed to raise some money. But most importantly I have met a huge number of advisors that maybe 20 or so the first few months, that actually some brought a lot of value by introducing me to people pro bono as well, which it's obviously a fantastic opportunity.

How have you found working with investors from the network?

So I've got two investors from the Connectd platform. They were relatively straightforward and I think what was extraordinary is one of them applied to my advisory position that I posted. So I was talking to him as an advisor. He ended up being an investor. So it was very surprising and they've been very helpful. They've been opening doors, they've been trying to bring in more investors now as well.

What is your experience working with different advisors from the network?

I found the quality of the advisors or NEDs that applied to my route-to-market position to be high, but to be very diverse as well. So you had people who were, for example, at board positions at Phillips Healthcare who really helped me, who ended up being an HR advisor, although the position was supposed to be a route-to-market advisor. So there's all sorts of traits in people that apply as advisors who may not have been the target advisors when you first posted the role.

What are your growth plans?

The growth plans is obviously we are high-tech and deep-tech, is really growing the company as fast as we can. We have tripled the valuation in the first eight months. We're now 10 million valuation and we are planning on having a 33 million in the next 12 months. This is possible only through people, through doors and connections that you need to build as a founder. So that's the plan for next year. We are planning to have a first prototype of the device that can be mass-produced by the end of next year, and this will be achieved through a first partnership that we have at the moment with the public company that has been established a month ago and it has been announced in the London Stock Exchange News as well.

How would you describe Connectd in three words?

Broad, international and opportunity are the three things that really bring Connectd together. You meet people from all over the world, from Jordan, all the way to right around the corner as well. So it's really international, quite broad.


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