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BeWorks Automation is a cleantech engineering company offering a wide range of energy efficiency, industrial automation, EV charging, and renewable energy solutions. With a global presence, they provide turnkey services from site selection to project management and maintenance for industrial, commercial, and residential clients, making e-mobility and green energy accessible to all.

They're just great people from the perspective that they're just so easy to reach out and very approachable, and they're always keen to help. That's what I value most.

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Fidan Javadova

What is BeWorks Automation?

I run a cleantech engineering startup focusing on accessible electric vehicle charging and solar energy solutions. It's called BeWorks Automation. We provide turnkey EV charging as well as solar energy solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential customers by also taking into consideration our ageing population and disabled drivers.

Why did you join Connectd?

We're a small startup and, obviously, as many startups do, our main objective is to really scale our operations further and later become a scale up and then a much bigger company. So we joined Connectd for fundraising purposes at the beginning because we started our early stage funding round. We are looking to raise angel funding, angel investment, and that's why we reached out to Connectd Network to really simplify our fundraising experience.

What is your experience working with different advisors from the network?

I absolutely had a wonderful experience with Connectd Network. Everyone at the seaboard was extremely helpful. They helped with introductions as well as really finding the right person, suitable partners that would really accelerate our startup journey, which I'm beyond grateful.

How have you found the events organised by Connectd?

Great events, much fun. Obviously, you get to meet so many interesting people, even though they may not be specifically in the cleantech sector, but they have vast amounts of experience, a lot of knowledge. I absolutely enjoyed the speed networking events, I would say. So I joined one of those events. I was very excited to meet so many interesting people. They gave me so much inspiration and most importantly, connections. I broadened my networking experience and my network.

What are your growth plans?

So at the moment, we are fundraising. Good news is that we've already secured our first investor to anchor the funding ground. At the same time, we successfully closed our community-based crowdfunding campaign that will also help us with the prototype development. Right now we are focusing on finalising the design and manufacture of our electric vehicle charge point prototype, which is going to provide more benefit to the public, including the ageing population as well as the disabled drivers. Our main objective right now is to successfully close the funding round and to secure the remaining amount of the funding ask.

How would you describe Connectd in three words?

Community, professionalism, experience.

What is your experience of working with the Connectd team?

Great people. Every single one of them has been very, very useful, whether it's fundraising experience, whether it's just simply checking in and seeing if everything is alright with me. And because a founder journey can be very, very stressful and people who work, feel connected. They're just great people from the perspective that they're just so easy to reach out and very approachable, and they're always keen to help. That's what I value most.


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